We would like first of all to say many thanks to you for visiting our website at Bali Spot International. We are specialized in handicraft products. The objectives of Bali Spot International are to promote and distribute our products internationally all over the world.

Bali Spot International established in 1998, is an independent organization that consists of 60 workers and employees. Our company has been successfully marketing our products with our own trademark "BSI". Bali Spot International has also won a positive reputation and achieved the acceptance of marketing our products all over the world. We have been export to the United States, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Puerto Rico and Australia.

The core business products are Bali handicraft and natural unique handbag are made from the original plants in Bali and in Indonesia, such as water hyacinth , fragrance roots, vetiver / scented roots, agel, palm leaves, coconut leaves, bamboo, rice straw, rattan , mote bead, tree bark / plywood, ata, banana stem, lacy thread, coconut wood, mahoni wood (all those kinds of wood are usually used for the handle of handbags), cow skin leather , goat skin leather, ray fish skin leather.
The inner part of handbags are coated by woven cloth, nylon, cotton cloth, batik printed cloth ( batik is a special hand made printed cloth used for garment in Indonesia) and secured by zipper. The quality of our products are selected from the finest material, originally care in detail.

In the website you can see our high standard products with standard colours and using the standard raw material which have indicated shown beside our photos / pictures, together with a complete code number, sizes with the dimension in Height ( H ), Width ( W ), Thickness ( T ) , also Weight of the handicraft and the raw materials used

We certainly will respond to all of our customers needs in order to maintain a good relationship in the future. Prices are highly provided with the lowest global market, and able to negotiate in a reasonable amount. We guarantee you have made the right choice by choosing our products.

In addition, we are also able to manufacture the varieties of handicrafts for your certain demands. Please do contact us for further consideration of your demands. We certainly will provide you for the best result.

Please do not hesitate to contact Bali Spot International for further assistance. We will response all of your requests. We look forward to hearing your feedback as well.

Finally we hope you to know about our :

I. Company Motto : " Customers satisfaction is our aim "
II. Company Commitment :



To build a long period relationship with customers by mutual benefit between us



To be reliable / honest / responsible / on time in delivery the handicraft / best service and always pay  attention to any complain & suggestion to customers.


Detail Quality Control to select raw material to be used and control the handicraft products before  shipment


We prefer to work by ISO Quality Management in our company


Looking forward to build a long-term business relationship in the nearest future.

Yours faithfully

The Management

Bali Spot International, CV